Our partners include:

Belize 2020 joins with its partners in common cause to live out our faith in Christ, to build our institutions, serve our constituencies, and overcome the obstacles of hopelessness, ignorance, poverty and all that erodes our human dignity and that of those we serve.

Together, we pledge that:

  • We will continue to pursue our fundamental quest for the greater glory of God by the promotion of a faith that does justice.
  • We will conduct all our conversations and our collaborations in a manner marked by mutual respect and vibrant collegiality.
  • Although we differ in our gifts, our circumstances, our experiences and our needs, we assert that this new partnership is one of equals.
  • We will challenge ourselves to respond to one another with consistent generosity, with a readiness to resolve all differences, and with a determination to make this a collaboration that is adaptable and enduring.
  • We will welcome additional partners and our generous benefactors and supporters, as we work in unison to advance this essential mission.