Kansas City Gets a Patron Saint—St. Martin’s Gets a New Principal

By Matthew D. Ruhl, SJ
Wednesday/August 16, 2017/Belize City

This past week the Church celebrated one of my favorite saints and the person I think should be declared, “Patron Saint of Kansas City.” August 10th is the Feast of St. Lawrence, Deacon of Rome and Martyr. According to tradition during the Valerian Persecution of 57 CE, Lawrence was asked by the Prefect of Rome to surrender all the wealth of the Church. So Lawrence gathered all the orphans, widows, crippled, the blind, those of unsound mind, the homeless; in short, all the people Lawrence and the Church had served in charity. All of these Lawrence marched into the hall of the Prefect. The Prefect asked Lawrence what this parade of shabby humanity was all about. Lawrence said, “You requested the wealth of the Church; well here they are.” The Prefect was unamused and so had Lawrence BBQ-ed to death. Read more.

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